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Isnin, 4 Julai 2011

BFF-Diary- Part 2

I cAn dRiVe & i knOw wheRe to Go....

sounds a little bit egotistic, doesn't it? Hmmmmm??

i have somehow convinced that im really good at navigating.  I KNOW... i know that sounds a bit incongruous.  no need to point out the obvious,  i am indeed that same person who was afraid to drive my son Adam to school ,it only takes 3 minutes away from my house. Can u just imagine!!! I have some weird glitches in my head... but hey it's minor,  look at it that way. Mindset" tink positively!!! Need more practice!! practice!! and practice..
Hey now!! im happy because, i oready know how to drive. Its takes me so long , to have a confident with myself. Especially related to the road. A bit scary isn't it???.. and i really thankful to my closed fren Nija who always support me n gimme chance to drive her car, without her i would not have the high level of confidence to drive a car. Although i have the license for so long.. Huh?? My driving license, it just kind of preserved fish (pekasam) in my wallet. Every year, i just keep renew the license..haha.."pretend macamla pandai sangat bawa kereta masa tu"hahah..dah macam hiasan je tuh..eksyen je lebih!! ;)  

Just imagine dat i drive my mum's car (four wheel drive), quite big isn't it..hehe (tanpa pengetahuan) with confident.. First, I tried to drive practically near my home area, after that, at the same times, I drive straight away to my friend's house in section 9 tooks only 30 minutes from my house.. Emmi really surprised because I drive my mum's car to her house .. it is because she know me, dat im not really dat berani especially with (berkaitan  dengan enjin) n the next day I drive to Subang Empire Mall. I meet my fren Rin.... at the same time there some emergency happen to the car, because i hits the end of the parking barrier when I want to park the car .. and there is small scratches at the car .. thank god, tak teruk sangat...HUH!! but can see clearly the scratches .. and then i pernah drive the car to ampang! serious jauh giler kot!! but i can make it...with a lot of traffic jam, but still can handle it .. believe it! u can do it! u go gurl!
For me, nowadays, driving is important to me as a mother and a woman who will work soon, because it would allow me to move one place to another, and can bring my kids jalan-jalan..jus three of us!!! FREEDOM.. I guess..need some space with my kids..jus only 3 of us..hehe..,and d most importantly, when we have an emergency situation..dat made me think???, y?? y?? and y i have to drive again...Now i guess, i don't need any help from others because i know how to right now my advice is, go and take a car license because the next subscription will be more expensive kay...So apa tunggu lagi!!! 
chiow cincau..adios!!!see ya

ya'll know.....  wait....  YA'LL?   who am i talking to now?  

well self, pretend you have readers.  hehehe..

from BFF with Love
~Oya Rahman~

6 ulasan:

  1. nti leh laa drift plak..balun skyline seround dua...agak2 kalau bwk moto bleh ke ek ? hhuhuhuh

  2. tu la kan erry..
    rasa2 nak jugak join drift!!hahha
    mana lah tau boleh masuk n join n menang plak ker!!!hahha..
    motor tak minat la encik erry!! prefer kereta lagi nak2 keta 4 wheel drive!!
    but my fav car is "scirocco" Volkswagen!!serius smart!!insyallah

  3. kena la dgn u volkswagen tuh..hhmm

  4. aminnnnn!!
    masin mulut u!!!!
    struggle a lot!!..
    go double!!..
    if kita usaha!!insyallah..
    quite expensive tau dat car..
    i dah survey byk kali..Fav is lady in red!!
    very d devil!!hahah

  5. Hi ... blog hopping! Nice photos ...

  6. hye PUAN FEEXA..thanks puan..
    yup soon..wanna do someting in my blog