Assalamualaikum warga blogger!!..

This is my first time baby step writing and involve in my blog (2011) called


I love FASHION..

I love KIMORA Business..

I love BEAUTY and HEALTH Conscious..

I love WRITING..

I love ADVENTURE life..


I love MEET new People!!

for me They are so FABULOUS!!!..

Full figured women can be FABULOUS and feel good about doing anything and everything to look FABULOUS and stay that way FOREVER..

Arrrrrghhhh!!!... im going 32 years young this month!! But never mind age truly is just a number. So mind set always



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BFF-NuSkin Product-(Tru Face)

Tru Face Revealing Gel

Many things in life are irritating. Anti-aging skin care shouldn’t be. Tru Face Revealing Gel is a kinder, gentler approach to revealing a smoother, more youthful looking complexion. This formula features the polyhydroxy acids (PHAs) lactobionic acid and gluconolactone, clinically proven to deliver the traditional cell turnover benefits of alphahydroxy acid treatments and more. PHAs chelate excess metal ions for a radiant skin tone, bind to moisture for enhanced hydration, and provide powerful antioxidant protection. Representing the next generation in anti-aging technology, Tru Face Revealing Gel offers anti-aging solutions—even for those with sensitive skin.



Tru Face Essence ULTRA


It's time to put the bounce back in your skin with Tru Face Essence ULTRA. Featuring Ethocyn, a clinically proven anti-aging ingredient, clinically proved to improve skin's elastin fiber content. Tru Face Essence ULTRA is the ultimate anti-aging treatment product.



Tru Face Line Corrector


Targets mechanical aging. When you look in the mirror, do you focus on your best face or your imperfections? Tru Face Line Corrector features revolutionary pro-collagen peptides that help soften moderate to deep lines around your mouth, eyes, and forehead. Medical science has recently discovered that peptides have the ability to send age-reversing signals to collagen-producing cells, promoting younger looking skin. Tru Face Line Corrector offers a targeted approach to help the most aggressive signs of aging in just four weeks. Gentle and safe for all skin types.



Tru Face IdealEyes

You work hard to look young, but no matter what you do, your eyes show the telltale signs of aging, stress and fatigue. Fight these beauty enemies with Tru Face IdealEyes. Scientifically formulated to offer both immediate and long term benefits, this silky cream rapidly reduces the appearance of bags under the eyes while instantly increasing skin radiance. The advanced antiaging ingredient technology also helps firm and smooth skin as it reduces discoloration under the eyes. Designed specifically for the delicate eye area, this treatment ensures your eyes look young, refreshed and vibrant.

from BFF with Love
~Oya Rahman~

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